Ultimate Reality

Béla Balogh

Ultimate Reality

The new paradigm of life eternal


If somebody told you your brain cannot generate thoughts, would you believe that?

If somebody told you that the theory of evolution goes against the laws of physics, and the whole scientific world and the media around this theory is telling you lies, would you believe that?

Would you believe your life did not begin with your birth?

Well, you don’t have to. It is quite enough if you understand it.

You can easily replace all you have been made to believe with sure knowledge.

Dear reader! You might be at the threshold of your most astonishing adventure.

“Fasten your seatbelts!”

Béla Balogh

Best Selling Author

Béla Balogh

Mr. Béla Balogh was born in 1955 in Transylvania (Romania) by Hungarian speaking parents. He is bridge building engineer grown up with a strictly materialistic worldview. He started to question this worldview first when he met a man who had the ability to move objects by the power of his concentrated thoughts only.


Opinion of a physicist

Three years ago someone gave me the Hungarian copy of the book Ultimate Reality, the New Paradigm of Life Eternal, and the information within changed my whole life. I have been raised on the materialistic worldview during the communist era of Hungary, and I was almost convinced about the righteousness of everything we learned at the University. While reading the book I suddenly realized that the world is completely different, and that there is a higher level of intelligence and love behind everything, beyond the world we can grasp at the level of our organs. It took me some time to rearrange the information I possessed, trying to find something in this book, that could be contradicted or denied based on current scientific results. I do not even know when the complete change of my views occurred, but I started to search for more information about the world of spirit and the perfect rules within. In my opinion as physicist and scientist this is the most important information that makes a solid bridge over the seemingly parted materialistic and spiritual worldview. It is actually explaining the oneness of the two in a way that no real scientist can deny. The most important however is, that the theories of Charles Darwin can be put aside once and for all, since they are in contradiction with the laws of physics!!!

– Zsolt Bánhegyi, Physicist

Dreamvalley Meditation Center, Hungary