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Béla Balogh

Mr. Béla Balogh was born in 1955 in Transylvania (Romania) by Hungarian speaking parents. He is bridge building engineer grown up with a strictly materialistic worldview. He started to question this worldview first when he met a man who had the ability to move objects by the power of his concentrated thoughts only.

In 1987 he emigrated to Sweden, and – while still working as engineer – started to practice guided meditation in order to find some sustainable answers regarding “mind over matter”. The result of his research was astonishing. He wrote this book originally in Swedish, but a more complete version has been printed in Hungarian after the author moved to Hungary in 1999.

After 20 years the Hungarian book reached 10 reprints. Physicists, engineers, psychologists and even medical doctors took contact with the author, realizing that this new way of approaching the mysteries of the Universe can give us unbelievable possibilities in almost every field of science. The Ultimate Reality – as the New Paradigm of Life Eternal has been followed by five other books of great success.

The author also managed to build the Dreamvalley Meditation Center in Hungary, where science and spirituality go hand in hand.

The Hungarian book as well as translations in Russian, German, Swedish and Romanian will be available soon.

Béla Balogh

Ultimate Reality

The new paradigm of life eternal

Ultimate Reality


If somebody told you your brain cannot generate thoughts, would you believe that?

If somebody told you that the theory of evolution goes against the laws of physics, and the whole scientific world and the media around this theory is telling you lies, would you believe that?

Would you believe your life did not begin with your birth?

Well, you don’t have to. It is quite enough to understand it.

You can easily replace all you have been made to believe with sure knowledge.

Dear reader! You might be at the threshold of your most astonishing adventure.

“Fasten your seatbelts!”

Dreamvalley Meditation Center, Hungary